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We are a community of contemplative, Roman Catholic nuns who live according to the Rule of St. Benedict and the traditions of the Cistercian Order.

Our daily life is an alternation of solemn liturgical and private prayer, lectio divina and manual labor within the silence and enclosure of the monastery.  

Through the profession of the monastic vows of obedience, stability and conversion of life, we are consecrated to God for the praise of His Glory and the sanctification of all humanity.

Valley of Our Lady Monastery

Our task:
To build a new monastery that will be


Beauty is true.

Cistercian architecture is renowned
for its breathtaking simplicity, dignity and grace. Our new monastery will draw on this heritage.



Grace elevates nature.

Mitigating negative impact falls
short of the good. We aim to enhance the local ecosystem,
to design a building that gives.

God seeks us.

We are created for communion
with God. The new monastery will
be a place to seek and find Him
through silence, prayer and love.

Our Need Fulfills Yours

The construction of a monastery is a prodigious enterprise requiring tremendous resources. While large gifts from persons whom God has entrusted with wealth are essential for the endeavor, the participation of the faithful with ordinary means is equally necessary. Not everyone can fund a hand-carved altar or a set of Grisaille glass windows, but everyone can make a sacrifice and offer something–and it is often those with the least who are the most generous.

Alms deliver from all sin, and from death, and will not suffer the soul to go into darkness (Tobias 4:10).

Mail: newmonastery@valleyofourlady.org

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We appreciate your patience while we create a new site.

There are many ways to support the new monastery that also contribute to your own personal and financial goals.

Outright gifts to the new monastery, such as cash, stock and property, can lower your tax liability. They also permit us to put your philanthropy to work immediately.

Deferred gifts benefit the community in the future and can substantially lower your income and estate taxes.  You can designate your gift to benefit the building project in general, which gives us the flexibility to use funds for the most pressing project needs.

For more information on how to make a gift please email us or call at (608) 643-3520.

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